Dry Boiling Machine


INOKSPROM Cheddar Dry Boiling Machine ; These are units that aim to improve the melting and extensibility properties of the cheese curd, which shrinks in size in the Curd Chopping Machine, by increasing its temperature to certain levels.

INOKSPROM Kashar Dry Boiling Unit; It ensures the boiling of the cheese curd transferred to the chamber by both direct steam injection and indirect steam injection to the wall. There are two augers in the boiling chamber, the speeds of which can be adjusted on the control panel. During the boiling process, the spirals rotate at a certain speed and ensure the curd is kneaded. Thus, the desired structural properties of the final product are achieved and the properties of the cheese such as creep and melting are improved .

For ease of use, the Kashar Dry Boiling Machine has an operator platform designed to minimize the risk of slipping. There is also a control panel on the platform. Operator; While it can see the boiling temperature of the curd on the panel, it can also increase or decrease the rotation speed of the spirals via the inverter.

With the transmitter placed under the boiling chamber, the weight of the curd in the chamber is measured instantly. The steam delivered to the wall is controlled through the steam valve. Optionally ; _ By transferring a command to the PLC control panel based on the measured curd weight, unit kg-hour steam injection can be provided for unit kg of curd.

Once the boiling process is completed, the curd automatically falls into the chamber of the Curd Transfer Unit by opening the discharge cover .

Technical Specifications of Kashar Dry Boiling Machine
Material AISI304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 600-800 kg/hour
Function Direct Steam Heating
Indirect Steam Heating
Control Standard: Analog Control Panel
Optional: PLC Control Panel
Electricity Consumption 4.5kW
Steam Consumption 550/650 kg-hour
Air Consumption 5 bar, 600 lt-hour
CIP Washing 0.37 kW
Screw Mixers 2×2 kW
Temperature Measurement PT100 Transmitter
Curd Weight Measurement load cell
Heating/Boiling Direct heating via steam injectors
Indirect heating through the wall


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