Curd Filtering Drum


Milk, whose acidity develops through coagulation after being fermented in INOKSPROM Cheese Process Tanks ; It loses its fluid structure and the protective barrier on the surface of the casein micelles disappears, and the milk proteins, including the milk fat globules, transform the fluid milk into curd, which has a gel-like structure. Curd, crushed in certain sizes and for a certain period of time by tank crushing arms, must be separated from the water phase in order to be processed into cheese .

The curd in the process tank is discharged into the INOKSPROM Curd Filtering Drum by opening the tank discharge valve . The filter drum, positioned in the flow direction of the process tank’s discharge valve, rotates rapidly around its own axis under the influence of the 0.75 Hp motor. The cheese curd flowing into the drum filtration area is separated from 98% of the water phase through the pores on the surface of the drum, whose sizes vary between 800 microns/1000 microns, and the cheese curd, which is too large to pass through the pores, is poured into the INOKSPROM Curd Filtering Tub .

Curd water, which has a molecular size that can pass through pores of 800/1000 microns, accumulates in the Whey (Whey) collection chamber located under the drum. With the help of the centrifugal pump with 2.2 kW engine power placed at the exit point of this chamber, the whey separated from the curd is transferred to the Whey Storage Tank to be processed into curd or different products .

Curd Filtering Drum Technical Specifications
Material AISI304 Stainless Steel (2.5 mm profile thickness)
Function Separation of curd water
PAS evacuation
Control Standard PID Control Panel
OPTIONAL PLC Control Panel
Capacity Min: 5000 lt-st Max: 20000 lt-st
Whey Chamber 500 liters
Engine 0.75HP
Centrifugal Pump 2.2kW


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