Inoksprom; As a result of the new structuring and institutionalization process of our company, which has been producing Food Process Equipment since 2019; It has worked in food production facilities for many years, has carried out food process lines and turnkey factory installations at home and abroad, and has started its operations as an institution with Food Engineers, each of whom is expert and experienced in their field.

In addition to machinery/equipment production and sales, our company also offers different services and consultancy services in the field of food production. Our technical infrastructure shares the knowledge and experience of our senior engineer staff with our customers and partners, producing the most suitable alternatives for them and offering reasonable solutions in new investment or capacity increase projects.

We believe that the same project or line installation/capacity increase can be implemented with different alternative solutions that are very far apart in terms of investment costs, and that investors who are just taking a step into the food production sector will want to be informed about these alternative solutions.

The stages that make up the investment process are;

  • Determination of target products and capacities
  • design
  • Bidding/Project Planning
  • Grant/Support and Incentive Studies (Kosgeb, iPard, Development Agency, TKDK)
  • Equipment Production/Installation and Commissioning
  • Equipment Training
  • Process/Product Formulation Consultancy
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair Service
  • Technical Personnel Training
  • Product and System Certification (ISO, CE, TSE and other certification services)

It can be summarized as:

We would be happy to provide you with technical support in your investment projects, to implement your project, to carry out the production and assembly of your equipment, to offer market alternatives for your sector and to have a long-term cooperation.