Cheese Production Lines (Machines)

Cheese; It is one of the oldest known foods in human history. It is thought to have first appeared in history approximately 8000 years ago, between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, where the agricultural revolution took place as a result of the domestication of animals and plants.

According to a general opinion, cheese appeared by chance, as a result of the activities of nomadic tribes. Tribes who lived in constant migration from one place to another preferred to keep their liquid food in bags made of animal skins, so they carried milk with them in the same way. In regions where the climatic conditions are warm, lactose fermented under the influence of heat, resulting in the fermentation of milk in today’s terms, resulting in a curd consistency. The shaking that occurred during the movement of the animals caused the clot in the bags carried by the animals to break into pieces, while the cheese curd and whey were separated from each other. The resulting whey became a refreshing drink on hot journeys, while cheese curd, preserved by the acidity developed by fermentation and a handful of salt, became a high-protein food source to supplement the inadequate meat supply.

In today’s cheese production technology; The aroma and flavor components obtained in cheeses vary under the influence of many factors:

Type of milk used (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, reindeer, camel, yak, etc.), Fermentation, Shredding, Boiling, Forming and Weighting Methods, Preferred bacterial and mold variations during the ripening process, Use of salt and other sweeteners, Ripening conditions (temperature, humidity, time), and many other factors…

Cheese Production Lines

Inoksprom ; With its experienced team of engineers and production masters; It carries out the trial production process after the installation of cheese production lines and continues to share its experience with you in case of possible technical problems you may encounter in the ongoing process, and guides you in the most accurate way in your investments for new line installation or capacity increase .

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