Juicy Boiling Machine


INOKSPROM Water Boiling Machine; These are the units where the curd is boiled and kneaded in hot water, preferred for cheese types that require more precise production parameters. They are produced as a single machine integrated with the Kashar Gramming/Forming Machine . Following the wet boiling process, the cheese curd directly enters the portioning process without loss of time and/or effort and is portioned in the desired weights .

There is a salt water reservoir in the lower compartment of the Water Boiling Machine . The salt water, which is heated by steam injection and provides the boiling process, is heated to the temperature deemed appropriate for the final product by providing automatic temperature control with PT100 temperature transmitters. With the instant temperature control application, the temperature of the boiling water is kept at a constant temperature by being fed with steam during the continuous curd feeding and discharge processes.

The curd, which is boiled with salt water, is kneaded with the help of inverter-controlled screws. In the kneading chamber, the process continues until the curd reaches the desired structure. As a result of the kneading process, the flexibility, elongation and melting properties of the curd are improved. This is an element that increases the preferability of the final product, especially in the fast food industry.

The curd, whose boiling and kneading processes are completed, is transferred to the gramming compartment, where it is portioned into the desired weights and the molding process begins.

Material AISI304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 100 kg-hour > 2000 kg-hour
Function Juicy Boiled
Screw Kneader
Control Standard: Analog Control Panel
Optional: PLC Control Panel
Temperature Measurement PT100 Transmitter


200 kg-st 500 kg-st 1000 kg-st 1500 kg-st
Steam Consumption 25 kg-st 65 kg-st 120 kg-st 150 kg-st
Electric 2.2kW 3 kW 9 kW 9.75 kW
Most one thousand 2800 2800
Size 3300 5000 5000
Height 2000 2500 2500



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