Curd Chopping Machine


INOKSPROM Curd Chopping Machine ; The curd, which is separated from its water in the Straining Tub and is ready to go through different process stages according to the type of cheese (boiling, salting, cheddaring, etc.), is cut into small pieces of the curd, which is in the tub in bulk and now has a solid structure, in order to carry out these stages more effectively and efficiently. These are units that aim to cut into pieces.

Curd chopping stage; Cheese curds such as cheddar mozzarella can be boiled more easily, and the applied steam injection and wall heating have an equal effect on all points of the curd; Cheddar cheese that is colored with annotto and/or beta-carotene and also dry salted, ensures that the processes applied in powder or crystal form are absorbed more effectively on all curd surfaces.

Curd Chopping Machine; It is produced with 3 outriggers and is suitable for mobile transportation, so that it can be easily placed inside the filtration vessel. There are chopping blades in the chopping chamber and the motor is connected to the chamber horizontally.

Curd Chopping Machine Technical Specifications
Material AISI304 Stainless Steel, 2 mm
Capacity 600/800 kg  hour
Function Chopping/Shredding Curd
Electric power 380V, 50Hz, 0.75kW
Number of Revolutions 1200/1400rpm




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