Cheese Weighing Machine


INOKSPROM Cheese Forming & Weighing Machine; These are equipment that aims to portion the hot curd coming from the Curd Transfer Unit in the prescribed weights, before being transferred to the cheese moulds . They are equipment integrated into the outlet of the Dry Boiling Machine for the purpose of resting the products coming out of the boiling machine, partially kneading them and transferring them to the Forming/Gramming machine .

It is designed with wall heating in order to prevent the curd temperature from decreasing during the Kashar Cheese Gramming process. Temperature control is carried out via the PT100 temperature transmitter.

Before the kashar cheese gramming process, the desired weight size is adjusted and the pistons continue the portioning process at the same grammage uninterruptedly unless the operator makes a change. In order for the pistons to work automatically by acting as a syringe, the air compressor line is given to the air connection inlet of the Cheddar Gramming Machine .

Cheddar Cheese Gramming Machine is made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel and all connections are hygienic. The outer casing of the control panel is stainless steel and has IP65 protection.

Portioning between 100 gr and 2500 gr is possible. The hourly capacity of the Cheddar Cheese Forming & Weighting Machine varies depending on the portion weight and is minimum 500 kg-hour .

Material AISI304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 500/1500 kg-hour
Function Curd Heating
Transfer to Curd
Control Standard: Analog Control Panel
Optional: PLC Control Panel
Electricity Consumption 380V, 50Hz, 1.1kW
Steam Consumption 25 kg-hour
Air Consumption 5 bar, 30 lt-hour
Temperature Measurement PT100 Transmitter



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