Vacuum Packaging Machine


Vacuum Packaging Machine; They are the equipment preferred in the food industry for packaging many different product groups such as meat, milk, seafood, spices and legumes. Thanks to the vacuum applied during the packaging closing process, the air inside the packaging is evacuated and, optionally, food protective gas is supplied instead, ensuring a safe closure.

Since there is no air left in the packaging after vacuuming, aerobic organisms cannot survive and food products enter a safe storage process .

Since Vacuum Packaging Machines are used in food packaging, they are manufactured from chrome-steel stainless material. It is produced in different designs suitable for the capacity, as single jaw or double jaw

Chamber Dimension 550 x 560 x 150 mm (double cabin)
Resistance 2 x 550 mm (each cabin)
Resistance Range 560 mm (2 Mutual Resistance Spacing)
Vacuum Pump 105 m3/h Italian DVP
Dimensions 1420 x 750 x 1020mm
Capacity 20/30 vacuum-hours (variable according to operator)
Motor power 2.2kW
Control Digital Display
Electric 380V, 50Hz



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