Milk Intake Pump


What is a Milk Intake Pump / Self Priming Pump?
Milk Intake Pump (Self Priming) ; They are pumping systems developed for this purpose, which smoothly transfer fluids containing high amounts of gas and air bubbles.

It attracts liquids and directs them to the discharge line, not with the centrifugal effect, but with the suction force it applies.

Milk Intake Pump ; It consists of a wheel system consisting of vertical wings, inlet and outlet ports and a motor in a closed enclosure area.

The fluid directed between the wings from the inlet port; Here, its speed is increased and it is pressed towards the discharge connection, that is, in the direction desired to be transferred, creating a liquid wave with the same speed as the impeller, which rotates at high speed and plays a key role in the transfer process.

Self Priming Pump Usage Areas
In centrifugal pumps, it is not preferred that the suction distance of the pump is longer than 2-3 meters, in these cases product transfer becomes difficult and in some cases completely impossible. Self Priming Pumps provide a great advantage, especially at milk purchasing points, as they can perform effectively up to 6-8 meters away.

Another common use of Self Priming pumps is their high performance as CIP Return pumps. If the CIP washing unit installed in the food factory is designed to be recyclable, the detergent water or rinsing water used can be simply filtered and used again and again. For this purpose, in addition to the CIP discharge line, CIP return line piping is also done.

Since placing a CIP return pump at the CIP washing solution outlet of all equipment will result in a costly investment, this problem is prevented by integrating a Self Priming Pump at every 6-8-10 meters distance in the CIP return line, which we can determine according to the pump kW value. The solutions can be used repeatedly. Milk Intake Pump

Materiel Engine
Connection Type Flow Rate Max. Discharge
Number of Revolutions
AISI316 1.5kW Union 5 ton-st 16m 1450rpm 220/240V 50Hz
AISI316 2.2kW Union 10 tons-st 6m 1450rpm 220/240V 50Hz
AISI316 4 kW Union 20 tons-st 10m 1450rpm 380V
AISI316 5.5kW Union 30 tons-st 6m 1450rpm 380V


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